Everyday Illness in Children

Again and again I’ve listened to moms (and some dads!) tell me their worst fears about their kids getting sick. And it is sometimes heartbreaking how disempowered or confused moms can get about how to nurse their kids through illness, so much so that they ended up in the kids’ ER for hours.

How frustrating is it when you’re told that there’s nothing supportive that can be done for your child?

That you feel that you don’t have the skills to deal with your child when ill or to understand what is really wrong?

Or that you fear that when your child is ill, they’ll quickly succumb to serious illness and possibly die?

Believe me, I’ve heard these concerns too often.

I have been taking care of kids in a naturopathic family practice now for 18 years and I can tell you that there are practical and effective ways of approaching illnesses with natural techniques and remedies. In this course, we’ll cover easy kitchen medicine tricks, the best herbal remedies, the best homeopathic remedies and the best essential oils to use for most of the complaints you’re going to see in children. I’ll even tell you which professional ones from our online store are the most effective.

Each webinar will cover a handful of conditions and all of the information you need to know about how to evaluate the illnesses and then how to choose what to do. A sampling of the conditions covered:

  • Fever – how high is too high? What are the risks of leaving a fever untreated? What are the implications of lowering a fever?
  • Ear infections – is it really an ear infection? We’ll review how these develop and what to do in each circumstance.
  • Colds and flu – how can you get your child through with the most comfort? Easy natural remedies!

We’ll also cover:Sore throats, Coughs, Nosebleeds, Diarrhea, Food poisoning, Constipation, Vomiting, Ringworm, Diaper rash, Lice, Hives, Impetigo, Asthma, Burns, Head injury and more.

Webinars will be accessible as you need for any time you need a reminder, just review the video of the section you need.

I’ll guide you through how you can look at illness and what the 3 most important medicines are for a parent.

I’ll help you to understand what vital signs are normal at what age and give you a handy place to record it so that you can compare what’s normal for your child and how it changes in illness. Even a crash course in how to look at an eardrum for signs of illness (so handy!).

Quick Guides to Dosing Natural Remedies for Kids is also included for quick reference. These guides answer the questions about adjusting dosing for children of all ages.

The Home Remedy Log is a handy list for keeping straight what you do have at home. Along with other useful handouts and reference materials,

Access all of the natural remedies in the Resonance Remedies Online Store, where all of the natural remedies discussed in the course will be available. No need to hunt all of those items down! We’ll make finding the right remedies for you to have at home a breeze.

I know that the information in this course will make you a more confident and better prepared to deal with the most stressful of illnesses in your kids. I’ve seen the moms of all of my long-term patient families need me less and less as they’ve picked up these skills with time. Just think how much easier it will be to have this info at your beck and call!

Learning the Basics: Everyday Illness in Children

$97.00 CAD

This is Dr. Gaul's classic course for parents with little kids! Learn how to properly identify illness i your children, create a healing environment, and use Dr. Mom skills to pick the best natural remedies to help your little ones feel better. This is a 10 segment video course complete with notes and useful handouts to keep handy in case the kids get sick.