About Dr. Gaul

It has been many years and many Saturdays spent teaching parents just like you that are the impetus behind the Helping Dr. Mom courses. It got to be such a busy endeavor to get a dozen parents in a room to teach one of the many courses that I've offered to patients that it became clear that I needed a different way to help parents to learn and to refer back to what they've learned. And lets face it, its hard to hold a class every weekend every year! When I realized I literally had held enough courses and lectures to fill a year's worth of Saturdays I knew I had to change tactics. This online platform is an ideal way for you to acquire those Dr. Mom skills we all need, whether you are a patient in my Calgary, Alberta practice, or not.

I'm Dr. Allissa Gaul, and I'm a Naturopathic Doctor who has been taking care of kids and their parents since 1998. I've been at the other end of a pager for my patients in the middle of the night and a resource for them in emergencies during the day for that entire time (well, except around the birth of my own son!). 

I know I can help you to be empowered and confident in taking care of your kids and your families. I'd be honored if you participated in one of my courses!

Most sincerely, 

Dr. Allissa