Homeopathy I

Homeopathy is cheap, easy, and effective. It's been around for 200 years. And learning it is easy with our courses! Everyone can identify a First Aid situation and so this makes an ideal way to be introduced to the 16 homeopathic remedies. We will build on the picture of each remedy by showing how it can be used in several different situations, and make them stick in your memory so that you know which one to use!

This series will cover an Introduction to Homeopathy, the Rules of Homeopathy, and Using Materia Medica while providing the top remedies for: 

1. Bleeding

2. Bruising

3. Burns and Scalds

4. Eye Injury

5. Fracture

6. Shock

7. Sprains and Strains

8. Punctures and Bites

9. Acute Rashes

An e-book is also included for at home reference and to take notes while you watch or listen to the course. 

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Come join me on this exploration and find new skills for your own healthcare!

-- Dr. G

Homeopathy I - First Aid

$60.00 CAD