Start Here, Start Now! - Learn What's Important About Lifestyle Medicine

This is a great series for those who are curious about the best strategies for health. Each 30-40 minute video gives you the info that you need to know to make great health decisions. For less than the price of a first office visit, you'll get some of the best health advice and explanations that I can give. Here are the 18 (!) topics:

1. Start Here, Start Now: How to think about health if you want to create the best results. What we know about the healthiest populations in the world. Evaluating where you are in your health right now with the Start Here Start Now assessment tools. Keeping good records with downloadable record binder “My Health Record”.

2. Put Good Stuff In: The Top Strategies for making a great diet without making yourself crazy!

3. Get the Right Stuff Out: Overview of digestion and eliminations (what is normal and how to get it there)

4. Clean Out What You Don’t Need: Understanding detoxification and choosing a program and timing that is useful for you!

5. Supplement Strategies:How to select what is most useful for your health long term.

6. Natural Medicines – What They Are and How to Use Them for the Best Effect: An overview of herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils.

7. Get Moving:Making physical exercise work for you. How to select a program, take advantage of electronic monitors and local resources.

8. How to Use the Spa (and Spa Techniques!) for Health Prevention– hydrotherapies for health and easy ways to use the spa and spa techniques.

9. Take It Easy:stress relief strategies. Basic meditation types, tapping methods, a primer on Heart Math. 

Prevention Strategies for the Most Common Issues Short and Long Term

10. Understanding Genetic and Epigenetic Influences on Your Healthand available screenings.

11. Oh Oh I’m Getting Sick! Best strategies for acute illness.

12. Reverse the Stress –how to prevent the most common illness causing problem of all – adrenal issues.

13. Cancer Prevention Project –let’s talk about “The Big C”. An overview of cancer prevention strategies and screenings, including looking at your family history.

14. Cardiac Prevention Project –strategies for improving and maintaining cardiac function over time. Overview of cardiac function screenings and time tables for health.

15. Hormone Prevention Project for Women –maintaining healthy hormones, breast maintenance, hormone screening tests, and an overview of screenings available such as Paps, mammograms and their risk/benefit ratios.

16. Hormone Prevention Project for Men – maintaining healthy hormone balance and REALLY understanding testosterone.

17. Bone Loss Prevention Project (it’s not about calcium!) – understanding how bone loss occurs and how to prevent it, evaluating screening methods and making a good bone better.

18. Answers to the Questions You Are Afraid to Ask the Doctor! Top questions from our original webinar series!

Start Here, Start Now!

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